Songs from the Music Album - Puthen Pana (1721)

പുത്തന്‍പാന / രക്ഷാകരവേദകീര്‍ത്തനം / കൂദാശപ്പാന


Puthen Pana is a Malayalam poem written by German Jesuit missionary priest Johann Ernst Hanxleden, famously known as Arnos Pathiri in Kerala. The poem is believed to have been composed between 1721 and 1732. The poem consists of 14 padams. The first padam has the poet telling readers that he is writing the poem at the request of Antonio Pimental, Archbishop of Cranganore, since Pimental held the ecclesiastical office from 1721 to 1752. The second padam tells Centre on Fall of Man, fourth padam (Annunciation), fifth padam (Nativity), seventh padam (Sermon on the Mount), tenth padam (Last Supper), eleventh padam (Trial and Crucifixion), 12th padam, portraying the lament of Virgin Mary at the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus, 13th (Resurrection) and 14th (Ascension). The 12th padam is considered the most important in the poem.

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